Saturday, October 10, 2009

Big B needs 7-hour sleep for birthday

The festivities have already begun though for Bigg Boss’ pop philosopher, who was welcomed with a birthday cake on the sets as he reached there for his weekly eviction duty. Bachchan says, “A cake was in store for me by the end of the evening by the unit and the multitude of people that have been working so hard on this show. Touched by their gesture I thank them profusely for all the hard work they put in for the sake of one man and leave.”

There will be more of the same for Big B. He blogs, “Tomorrow, the team of ‘Rann’ wish to bring in the first look launch for the film at a theatre nearby and cut a cake for my birth. It is the time of the year for cakes and their excesses and I shall be blowing candles a plenty. But stopping them would be a sacrilege and so one goes along. There is a line up of media interviews starting off from tomorrow morning. You do one you do a hundred.”

He confesses, “That is the norm and one goes along with it, though the excitement of birthdays and gifts has long since gone by.”

He signs off, saying, “I need to have a clear head in the morning and for this I need a clear seven-hour sleep. I indulge in that now ... it has been a rather long day.”

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