Monday, October 5, 2009

Bomb blast hits Pakistani capital

A bomb has exploded at a United Nations office in Pakistan's capital Islamabad, killing at least three people.

A foreigner is said to be among those killed in the explosion, at the World Food Programme offices.

Last week at least 16 people died in two suicide car bomb attacks in north-western Pakistan.

Correspondents say a string of recent bomb attacks show the Taliban appear to be reasserting themselves after a series of setbacks.

'A huge explosion downstairs'

Local television TV footage showed smoke rising from the heavily fortified UN building and shattered windows.

The explosion appeared to have been caused by a timed bomb planted in the basement of the offices, senior police official Tahir Alam told the BBC outside the WFP offices.

At least three people were killed and six injured, he said, adding that at least one of those killed was a foreign national.

The Associated Press quoted an unnamed female WFP employee as saying: "I was on the upper floor when there was the sound of a huge explosion downstairs.

"I found many of colleagues lying on the floor full of blood. We immediately put the most critically wounded in a vehicle and rushed them to hospital."

This is said to be the most serious attack in least three months to take place in the city, and security has been tightened across Islamabad.

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